Nestlé Purina’s new DeliBakie was launched literally among the target group in dog parks, dog schools and daycares, agility events and pet conventions. Our promotional team handed out a total of 25 000 samples to dogs and dog owners!

For the pet conventions Revoltti Experience planned and implemented a well received collection of stands. The idea for the implementation of the stands was found from the core of the brand, as DeliBakie is like a home baked treat for the most beloved dog companion. We wanted the stands to stand out from the rest and embody the brand’s story. The promoters wore aprons and chef hats that suited the theme. As per the customer’s idea, an oven mitten that held the product’s information in a concrete way and served as an information packet was integrated into the promotions and stands. During the conventions, 16 000 samples were handed out to dog owners.

Our professional convention team carried out the building of the stands, the disassembly, logistics and lighting with our own equipment. Ask for a convention stand quotation through us!

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