Harry Potter

Revoltti implemented the launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in collaboration with Bonnier Books Finland.

The promotional event was held on 8.11.2016 at the Helsinki railway station. The event hosted a Harry Potter costume contest that 200 fans participated in. The competitors could take a picture of themselves in front of a photo wall and the best were chosen and announced in the evening’s main event. The 93/4 platform had also been built at the event, next to which people could take a picture of themselves as if they were on their way to Hogwarts.

The main event was organized in the evening in the National Museum of Finland. The event had treats such as the Honeydukes candy shop where visitors could buy candy with Galleons, the revealing of the costume contest finalists and winners as well as Riku Nieminen and Niina Lahtinen reading several excerpts from the new book.

Due to the popularity of the event it was decided that another evening event would be hosted in hotel Presidentti. The program included, for example, an interview with the translator Jaana Kapari-Jatan and several different Harry Potter themed activities, such as quidditch. The second evening event was sold out as well.

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