Jenkki Taskupurkka Road Show

Revoltti implemented the new Jenkki Taskupurkka chewing gum’s promotional tour. The product was promoted with a touring Road Show team of fifteen members in several cities: Espoo, Vantaa, Helsinki, Lahti, Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Turku. Our energetic promoters, who had acquainted themselves well with the product, met new and old Jenkki customers from Wednesday to Saturday between 11-19 o’clock.

Overall around 50 000 Taskupurkka samples were handed out during the promotions. The promotions were carried out with both a fixed promotion point as well as with a moving Kleinbus that toured the city.

In addition to handing out gum samples, a social media campaign was held during the tour. The promoters engaged the customers to post pictures at the promotion point on Instagram. Prizes were given out to some of the pictures shared with the hashtag #taskupurkka, and the progress of the tour could be followed through social media as the promoters posted pictures and video clips from the road.

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