Knorr’s new product Snack Pot was launched for a student target group in a fun, memorable and believable way. The launch compromised of the seamless collaboration of promotion and social media, and in doing so, we succeeded in reaching the youth well and making the Knorr brand interesting. The impressive road show organized in several institutes of higher education combined small competitions and product tasting and encouraged the students to share the fun experiences together with their friends on social media using the hashtag #sponsoredbysnackpot.

During the two week tour we visited eleven institutions and reached around 14 000 students. Through the social media ambassador group Blokess, who resonated brilliantly with the target group, it was possible to multiply the target group rearching capability. Blokess’ promotional video made for Snack Pot collected almost 170 000 views, 13 000 likes and 1400 comments.

The power of in person contact and social media collaboration was truly proven to work splendidly once again!

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