Nivea Sun

The Nivea Sun sunscreen promotional campaign was implemented by the Revoltti promoters in Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. The goal of the campaign was to increase the awareness of the consumers in regards to the importance of sunscreen and help with choosing a sunscreen that fits everyone’s own skin type. Nivea’s varied product selection was made known by a touring promotion team. Our promoters talked about the qualities of the different sunscreens and met consumers on sunny days at beaches, outdoor bars, parks and festivals. Many had gone out without any Sun protection, so the sunscreen offered by the promoters was gladly received. During a promotional day on the Hietsu beach in Helsinki consumers could see concretely how important it is to spread the sunscreen evenly to ensure proper skin protection using Nivea’s UV camera.

During the summer campaign, in total 25 promotional days were done and almost 24 000 consumers were reached. The promotions were implemented with a flexible weather schedule, meaning that the campaign was carried out on only suitable sunny days. This served the needs of the customer well, as with a fixed time schedule rainy days would have completely gone to waste. It was clear that the promotional implementation for this product required a flexible schedule that served the brand best.

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